It all started with the Mutt Mitt: an environmentally-friendly, easy-to-use method of cleaning dogs when out, about and far from a tap. It was quickly realised that, with a different formulation, the mitts were equally effective for our own skin, bicycles, cars, boats, boots and certain shoes - whatever, in fact, you could reach with your hand and wanted to clean. An environmentally-friendly, portable, easy-to-use, cleaning alternative.

The process is simple:

You identify a product that needs cleaning

Our manufacturers blend an appropriate formulation

We combine dry mitt and formulation

You clean!


Made from bamboo, a natural fibre that is fully biodegradable & naturally antiseptic.

A conduit for applying specialised cleaning formulation for whatever is required. 

Can be used on skin, metals, oils, fabrics, whatever.  If you can touch it with your hand, and want to clean it, you can Mitt it.

Provides full hand and wrist protection from whatever it is being tackled.

Can be refreshed with formulation if reuse is required, or will naturally biodegrade in domestic waste if they’ve done all they can do


Environmentally-friendly? The mitts are 100% biodegradable and the formulations are, wherever possible, paraben, sulfate and phosphate free. 

Safe? Our manufacturers are accustomed to developing medical grade products for the dental market and test our Mitt formulations to a similar degree. The chemicals used are naturally-derived and personally sourced. 

Effective? Rigorous testing, naturally high standards and an in depth understanding of their end usage means Mitts 4 Africa’s products work.

Service? Our partners have spent long enough in business to want to avoid traditional stresses caused by unrealistic goals and time scales.



Managing Director

From working in the yacht industry before establishing himself as an architect, James knows how important it is to have convenient cleaning products that are kind to our planet and that are usable in different ways for any occasion. When he found out about the concept of the Mitt, he thought this would be the perfect product for South Africa and the rest of the continent, given that there is an increasing problem with water shortages.


Director of Marketing

Being a full-time model and athlete, Agnes is always on the road. If she’s not exercising or traveling for work, she loves a great adventure and being outdoors. This has helped inspire her respect and great passion towards nature.

"Having an eco friendly product, a water alternative that works is one way to reduce the impact on this planet.“ says Agnes.